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Defraggler Taking too long

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Hi There


After years of loyal use of CCleaner, I decided that it was time  to purchase the pro version and realising on instal that it came with the bundle of other apps set about defragging my C drive.

I started the programme running at 7pm yesterday [it is currently 9am the following day] and it is reporting only  5% complete with >1day left to complete.

This is very odd as the Win 10 packaged defrag app says that my C drive is 0% fragmented and the drive is optimised weekly.

Please can someone enlighten me.

I have attached screenshots of both apps.


Optimise Drive.jpg

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in DF, go to Settings > Options > Advanced and check Stop VSS is ticked.
then click the Define button and check both Excludes are ticked.

also, comparing two defrag programs will always show up differences as their algorithms for determining what is and isn't necessary to defrag is different.
for example, I think the MS one would not look at Restore Points and you may have many GB's of those that DF may look for.
or the pagefile or hibernation file.... and the list goes on.

always good to cleanup the PC before doing a defrag so only system and personal file are touched, not temp, volatile or junk ones.

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Hi There and thanks for the response. 


VSS was not checked, have altered that and am now re-running defrag again.  I stopped it at 6% at 11pm last night :-(

Hopefully this time it will be a more acceptable time :-)

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26 minutes ago, molokini said:

Defrag failed to install. Where the hell is help when I need it?

What error message did you get?

What operating system do you use?

Where did you get the download from?

By the way, sorry about the 30 minute delay in helping you. First I had to wake up, then race downstairs and turn on my PC, while grabbing something to eat and drink before I could answer your post. Pity you didn't post more info .

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from a maintenance point of view, a few hundred fragmented files is most likely nothing to worry about and unlikely to impact performance.

considering the OS has around 100,000 files and Program Files has about 30,000 - a few hundred fragged files is of little consequence.

and would only be a slightly higher consequence if the file that was fragmented was actually addressed frequently.

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