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Hi. I purchased the professional version back in July. Only just got round to installing it. Screen asked for 2 things

Line one .. Name

Line two .. the license key, 5 boxes with a combination of 4 in each.

I've done the above. Below those lines it gives 3 blue options.

Register Purchase Cancel

If I hit Register, says 'registration info invalid..etc.

Try again with the Purchase button. Takes me to the page requesting payment ! I've already paid for it hence the license key and PayPal receipt.

Help please

Kind Regards Andy

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Make sure the name you're putting in is the same as what you registered. Iirc it's your email address, but i'd check the message you received from piriform (the register button you pressed is the correct one).

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Hi Andy007 , all i can tell you is that CCleaner has a free program and a Pro Edition which you pay a yearly cost , but the free edition is , of course , free.. If you purchased the Pro Edition they send you a license key of 20 characters will alpha and numbers. You have to type in that license key into the 5 boxes and then you can use the Pro Edition if you indeed purchased it. Hope this helps.  Don Barajas

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