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help developers by cleaning debugging symbol folders and other development tool caches

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CCleaner is loved by developers for the obvious reason of advanced users taking care of their system. I suggest adding an option to clean some cache locations that fill up lots of disk space for the average developer, you could list some common dev software such as "Microsoft Visual Studio" and/or "Debugging Tools for Windows" under the Applications cleaning submenu.

When someone is using Debugging tools for Windows, especially software like WinDbg, the disk tends to get filled up with symbol files (pdb, dll for crashdumped apps that fit the host machine it crashed on and which you're analyzing for, or otherwise pdb symbols for all components & dependencies of an app you're debugging) in these locations:

The new metro-styled WinDbg store app: C:\ProgramData\dbg\ > all its subfolders contain caches

old-fashioned WinDbg/some other common debuggers and development suites possibly: C:\symbols

There may be other folders tied to Visual Studio or other common development environments, that contains cache and log files,I am just suggesting yet another "Application" to clean in CCleaner and when this gets accepted as idea then I believe Piriform investigates caches created by said software. Also others could post the locations they know in here. I personally experienced how symbol files (on the above location) could fill up several GB's in disk space.

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Isn't that stuff already included in winapp2.ini?

If not there already then it's probably the better place for it rather than the main programme.


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