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Data Loss/corruption after defragmentation

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I made a initial scan, it said 22% of the HDD was fragmented (180GB/930GB)
I then let it defragment the 9000 files (7.6k were files from State of Decay 2)
But now all the files that were defragmented are corrupted (verified this with other files that I knew were editable, like a revit project that I worked on the day before defraging)
Luckly I have backup from the work, and the game I can just re-download
But this is a serious issue

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Doesn't help you now but when I defrag (using any defrag software) I run chkdsk /f on the hard disk beforehand. After the defrag is complete I run chkdsk /f once again.

With the corruption happening it might be worth using a free tool such as CrystalDiskInfo Portable that will show the S.M.A.R.T. status of the drive. Then run the drive manufacturer's or computer manufacturer's hard drive confidence tools to look for disk problems beyond what's possible using Windows built-in tools. There's a free tool GSmartControl that can run the hard drive confidence scans.

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