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CCleaner v5.46.6652 - spyware fixed !!!

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Well done Piriform for taking on board the concerns expressed by members, including moderators, about "monitoring" [now called "Smart Cleaning"] and more importantly, telemetry ["anonymous" data gathering] bolted in to version 5.45.  Although the installation defaults switch both "ON" - users are allowed to turn both "OFF" by un-ticking the options under Smart Cleaning and under Privacy.  This applies even to the Free edition where in the past a user could opt out of allowing data sharing with 3rd parties - but not the gathering of anonymous data itself.

The only further improvement I would have expected is not to have to un-tick the install of Avast Anti-Virus in the PRO [paid for edition]. 

At least take the Avast default install OFF if you are utterly compelled by your new owners to offer the product - and allow users to tick it if they really want the package.

Keep it CLEAN guys!

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RETRACTION ... Trust remains BROKEN ... despite un-ticking all three options under Privacy - leading one to believe that Piriform/Avast had become "honourable" in allowing telemetry to be turned OFF as implied by the options - this is NOT the case and it remains necessary to BLOCK the program at the Firewall to fully prevent data from being sent to both CCleaner AND to Avast.  This applies to the paid for Pro version as well !!!! ?

Geez guys - I really thought you would get this one right - but I guess what I said in my first post on this forum "Trust ... once broken is seldom restored" proves to be fully correct - even when given the opportunity to come CLEAN - you have failed to do so !!!!  ?

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Try deleting CCupdater.exe  (The 'emergency' updater they brought out following last years hack).

It's probably that which is hitting your firewall rather than CCleaner itself.

(It reinstalls itself when you install/update CCleaner. Tip- Make it an 'include' in CCleaner and CC itself will delete it when run)

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