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While trying this Defraggler on C (system drive), I have noticed it wiped out the only

one restore point' now have to make one manually.

 But in the setting I checked to exclude restore point file, as on attached 5b7c5f67e8faa_Defraggler-1.jpg.c3c2099ba5508a5dd888bcc57d575f28.jpgscreen shot.

What went wrong ?

System is win 10 pro 1709 64 bit.

Answers will be appreciated



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- These system files can't be moved with Defraggler (DF) when the OS is Vista or newer. This option is meant to exclude these system files from showing up in the file list. But even with this options selected these files show up when using the search feature of DF. Should have been fixed long time ago. But Piriform doesn't give DF too much time when it comes to further development.

- The combination of DF and Windows is known to be a "difficult one" when it comes to the handling of these System Restore Points (SRPs). Sometimes DF causes an increase of the number of SRPs and in other situations the DF causes the amount of SRPs points to decrease or even wipe all SRPs. In that regard those SRPs are a REAL "pain in the a*s". You're NOT the only one who's complaining.

- A program that really works well is Tweaking's Registry Backup. After installing it makes, upon start up, a copy of all the files that combined comprise the registry. This program doesn't backup A LOT OF user files e.g. from "C:\users" and that's precisely the reason why it works so well. If the user has problems then he/she can use the same program to restore the registry.

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