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External HDD displayed as SSD

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Sadly both ccleaner and speccy suffer from long standing bug(s) which can cause drives to be misidentified as the opposite type of drive.

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9 hours ago, mta said:

and you can also add Defraggler to that sad list.

I had to go back to Defraggler v2.21.993 for this very reason.  I've stopped updating all Piriform (Avast) programs.:( Sad state of affairs.

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what I have found Nikki over the years is with each new release of Speccy, CC and DF, what tends to happen (for me at least) is if the current version reports the drive as one way (right or wrong), the next version reverses it.  I've even had one product report it correctly and another wrongly - then the two swap their detection with the next release.

I've also seen the same version get it right or wrong depending on the brand of SSD - which is why not every person has this issue.
there is definitely an issue and other programs get it consistently right (like Microsoft's own OS) so there should be no reason Piriform can't pull their fingers out and fix it.

but from reading between the lines when Admins do deem us worthy and throw us some tit-bit details, I have gotten the impression that their coding department is small, like VERY small, like I reckon you could count them on one hand - the same hand that had that industrial accident and lost 3 fingers.  that's how many programmers I think they have to play with that support all their products.

that may have (should have) changed now Avast is calling the shots, but with their entire focus being blindly pointed at CC, and now with the mess that that is currently in, being forced entirely on CC, don't expect any fixes for the other products any time soon.

the SSD <--> HDD issue is at least 2 years old, then there's the Speccy wrong temperature long running bug - it is at a point now where I've stopped using them as you simply can't trust the figures.

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