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Does Speccy determine if a system has been compromised and how? We had confirmation of a "full-system hacker"  through hiring 2 techs to check our desk top computer, but i'm wondering if there is a program that can detect what hackers did while in our network? And if they access our new router, server, computer, network ? And I do not know too much of the lingo as I am not tech savvy, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Who were these "2 techs"?

Did they contact you, maybe by telephone, more likely by an onscreen pop-up warning?

There are a lot of tech-support scammers out there who at best will charge you for something that is not needed, and at worst will hack your machine themselves leaving unwanted malware behind.

I suggest that if you are unsure then you should get a reliable malware check/removal done of your machine.

There are a few different places that will do this for free, you can find a list in section 10 of the forum rules:
The forum rules here prevent us from assisting with malware removal other than pointing to those services.

Personally I would recommend Malwarebytes, but any of the services listed in the rules will do a similar check for you.


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to answer your 1st question - No, Speccy will not determine if your PC has been compromised.
it will just interrogate the firmware via the Microsoft WMI service and tell you "what's under the hood".

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