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V5.45.6611 (64bit), CC emergency updater, no publisher, not signed

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  • Win 7 Home Prof. 64 bit SP1
  • Glasswire (v2.0.115)
  • CC prof. Edition V5.45.6611

After installing this Version of CC and Reboot, Glasswire (v2.0.115) give me 3 Messages about CC emergency updater.

1. CCleaner emergency updater - version change 1.0.999 to 17.08.77 (not a bit large jump?)

2. CCleaner emergency updater - the publisher changed from *AVAST Software s.r.o* to empty value

3. CCleaner emergency updater - the application is no longer signed


Thank u...


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I'll pass this on up to the developers.  Those are troubling if correct.

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