There are a number of threads popping up about the removal of the 'privacy' opt-out with v5.45. I'll have a go at explaining it, seeing that Piriform have made such a poor job of it (again). Remember that this option was only ever added to comply with GDPR in Europe, it was never a legal requirement in the rest of the world. They have previously been collecting this data anyway, they just weren't telling you about it until GDPR. Piriforms' latest privacy statement says that their software is not collecting Personal Data from users. If this is true then they do not have to offer the opt out under GDPR in Europe. (And never had to in the rest of the world). It is correct under Data Protection Law that if the collected data cannot identify you personally then it is not an individual data protection concern and so is not covered by data protection law.
(Although it may be covered by other laws on anonymous data collection).
Of course that all depends on just what is being collected and if it could identify you, or your personal device, in any way. Piriform say that the only personal data held is in connection with payments made for the 'Professional' versions.
This is subject to GDPR in Europe and you can make a request to see just what they hold about you by means of a Subject Access Request. See the statement linked above.
In the rest of the world you should have your own Data Protectction laws to cover this.