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CCleaner 5.4.6577 annoying pop-up notifications

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As mentioned in this thread:


"Added helpful reminders for expired CCleaner Professional subscriptions"

Those are really annoying.  Any way of turning them off?  I know they're just trying to make a buck but I've emailed CCleaner support about renewing my license and they don't even bother to respond.  Would like to just turn off the notifications for now.  Suggestions?  Thanks!

License expired screenshot.png

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Sorry if you haven't had a response yet we have had a high number of support request and are working our way through them.

Can you let me know if your support request was made under the email address associated with this forum account. This will enable me to find your support request.

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1 hour ago, Kat Astrophe said:

Hi. I've got exactly the same problem with the pop-up. I renewed my subscription about a week ago but the bleeping pop-up just won't go away! How can I get rid of it please?

Did you get an email with a new code? Did you contact support like @OldsmobileMike did?

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I'm having the same issue as Kat AstropheI've renewed and updated the software, see image


but I still keep getting the following


It is very annoying. I've removed and and reinstalled the software but it still keeps popping up. When I click Manage Subscription I see the following.


Just wondering if maybe the issue is the Next Billing Date should be updated to 2020?

Please help solve this as it's really annoying.


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