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My sincere condolences to a trusted old friend.

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For all those years that I trusted in you and the awesome products you provided, it is now time for me to bid you farewell Piriform.

The loss of your independence is one thing, but to have your soul taken over by another, is heart breaking and very sad.

Thank You, for working so well during all the years our bond of trust was so strong.

Farewell Buddy.

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+1 with Hazel
Feel free to leave Piriform behind but try and log in now and then and chase up the latest going-ons with the Forum.

members, especially the highly rated, worldly-experienced ones us Aussies are do bring a much needed decorum to this otherwise dull place! :)

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I respect your decision.

And it was very eloqently stated.

I've not quite got there yet, I'd rather stay here for now and shout about the worst of the stupid developments.

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and you wouldn't mind the odd "stupid development" now and then.
every company has them eventually.
hell, I was a programmer in a previous life for 19 years and yes, I'm guilt of coding that passed my testing but was then picked up in the pre-production test labs (the very reason they existed).
and yes, once in a blue moon, something got through that process and was released to the public - stuff happens to the best of us.

but.... Piriform.... release after release has been dogged with issues.
what are we up to 8? this year and 2 of those have been 'emergency' patch releases.
but from reading this forum, it isn't just the constant bugs and unwanted 'surprise' features, it's the general lack of care, and concern, and commitment, to their user base and this forum which gives them that direct conduit to that base.

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