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Is version 5.44 working well

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or if you use Kaspersky, or if you run MalwareBytes Premium, or want to run CC from the context menu of Recycle Bin, or want to run CC with the PC in Safe Mode, or want to update, or install or use switches at startup or {insert anything here}

basically, with the recent releases, there has been a some underlying issues that have affected more than the usual crop of users.

but for you v5.44 may work just fine.


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It works fine for me on Windows 10.

But PC stands for Personal Computer and we all have them set up with our own personal programmes and settings (and maybe a few tweaks) so what works OK on one can give issues for others.

Something as simple as which browser you use can make a diference.
eg. Chrome users seem to be having a lot of problems with recent CCleaner versions, whereas IE, Edge, and Firefox users are not seeing the same problems.
But that's not to say that Chrome is bad, one of the others may start having different problems in future that don't affect Chrome.

Recently there seem to have been changes in  many AV's and AM's that are causing problems with all kinds of other programmes, not just CC.
They seem to be getting a bit too agressive, especially with ransomware protection. Like a guard dog that bites it's owner?
Kaspersky does seem to be the biggest culprit at the moment, with Malwarebytes also causing a few strange issues; but none of them are immune.

I see it as a side effect of Windows 10 being constantly updated each month with a biger update every six months.
This means other programme devs have to keep changing their software to play catch up, and this can affect everyone on any Windows version, not just Win 10 users.
In the past there were a few years to sort out wrinkles and programme clashes before a new Windows version came out, not anymore it's now a constantly moving target.

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and because of this constant moving target that is Win10, that's the very reason why small (ish) companies like Piriform NEED to increase their development base.

one example, the maker of ClassicShell has dropped all support simple due to the constant Windows changes.

don't think they need more programmers and testers? - I would argue the proof of that is in the last few major, minor and emergency releases.

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thanks hazel, good to know, let's hope the new owners don't change the business model too much.

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Of course a side effect of this constant evolution is that smaller software companies and 'one-man-bands' can't keep up, so will just give up.

Which in the end stifles innovation.

When you look at it most of the current big software companies started out this way, Microsoft itself started with just 2 people, Paul Allen & Bill Gates.

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