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Slow Defragging and stopping when Laptop hibernates

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I’m using the Free Defraggler on my daughter’s laptop and it’s taking days to get it done. 

The Defrag stops when the laptop goes into Hibernation. Is there a way to stop this?

it doesn’t stop on my laptop and they’re both Toshiba’s

thanks all

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to stop hibernation, start an elevated command prompt and type powercfg -h off
when the defrag is done, if you want it back on, type powercfg -h on

for me, since defragging takes so long and keeping it in any state even closely related to 0% is completely lost as soon as you start using the PC, why not just use DF this way;

  • click on the File List tab and hit Analyse
  • click twice on the Size column header to sort by descending size and then group select the first 50 files, or first couple of pages or those files > 50,000KB's
  • with that selection, click Defrag Highlighted
  • repeat those steps for the Fragments column and select, say, those with > 10 frags

that way you only organise the worst offenders and you get the best result for the least effort.


and to help speed that process, don't waste time potentially defragging junk.
start an elevated command prompt and type in cleanmgr /sageset:1 and hit Enter.
tick all the boxes and hit OK.
now type cleanmgr /sagerun:1 and wait for both boxes to automatically disappear.
then do your defrag.

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