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File recovery on a corrupted drive

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So I’m trying to recover files on a 3TB drive. The scan stops at 83% and stays there for days. 

My question is.. it says 83% ‘scanning for deleted files’. If I don’t care about deleted files and only want to recover the drive as it was before it was corrupted, can I halt the scan and recover whatever it’s already found? Or would I be losing 17% of the existing files that were not previously deleted?

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You can stop the scan at any point and Recuva will display whatever it's found up to that time. But as you say you don't want to recover deleted files that wouldn't be much use. You can select Scan for Non-Deleted File in Advanced Mode Options/Actions but you will still have to do the full scan of deleted files as well, there's not the facility to stop that. Have you selected deep scan? If so I would uncheck that and see what is produced with a normal scan.

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