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Why are odf documents opened in docx?

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Today I was distracted and hit delete when I aught to have hit save as for a new file name.

Open Office, which I am currently using because my MS Office subscription could not be paid, is an odf file extension. 

When Recuva finds the docs, previously saved versions I'm guessing, and I have them sent to a folder on the desk top, they all present at Word documents, which won't open, rather than the Open Office documents, which will open.

I spent 3 hours creating that document. After changing the file name I hit delete rather than save as. It must be recovered. Please help me "get it back".

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I figured it out for myself. Here is the procedure to use when the recovered item wants to open in the "wrong" software program after being found with a Recuva scan. As in As a Word docx rather than an Open Office odt extensions.

When the Recuva scan is complete

Select the documents or other items that are likely to be what you are trying to recover

Recover them to a new folder on the desk top

Open the new folder, if your recovered items are there

Starting at the bottom of the document, highlight each recovered file to highlight it for the most recent and most completely saved item

While still highlighted hesitate to let the author information box come up

Review the information

If this is the file you need to fully restore

Right click and choose Restore Previous Versions

This will open the Properties box

Go to the General tab

In Type of File it will show the file extension

Just below that field is Opens With, click on Change

Choose the software application that is "correct" for your needs

This will change from, say MS Word's docx extension to Open Office's ODF extension—or whatever change you need to make to open and save whatever you were working on

Life is good again.


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Are you saying that Recuva found a .odf file (or many .odf fikles) on its scan, and when they were recovered it changed the extension to docx? I am highly unconvinced.

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