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The fall to hell of Ccleaner, one of the most useful applications of PC

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The fall to hell of Ccleaner, one of the most useful applications of PC




Many of us have historically recommended Ccleaner when they asked us about a tool to clean the PC. However, a series of catastrophes have ended in the fall to the underworld of one of the most useful PC applications. The last blow we have received with the last two updates that have turned Ccleaner into a complete adware full of advertising and advertisements.

Many point to July 19, 2017 as the date on which everything changed for Ccleaner coinciding with the purchase of Piriform by Avast. At that time, this application had 130 million users worldwide, being a reference when freeing space, accelerating applications by deleting the cache and unused content and a host of cleaning functions for the PC.
CCleaner changes owners: Avast buys Piriform
CCleaner changes owners: Avast buys Piriform

At that time, we had doubts about whether it was good or bad news and we gave ourselves more time to evaluate the situation. Now, almost a year later, a series of events show that that day began the fall to the hell of Ccleaner. This is the chronology of the facts:
The fall to the underworld of Ccleaner

In September of 2017 it was announced that Ccleaner was hacked during the month of August and compromised versions were uploaded to the Internet. Specifically, the versions CCleaner v5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud v1.07.3191 were both compromised and with enough affected users. On September 12, a free version of these problems was finally launched.


Later, in November 2017, we saw how the Avast antivirus was being installed at the same time as Ccleaner if we did not uncheck the box "Get Avast Free Antivirus now" that was activated compulsory during the installation process. This is something that did not like too much among the regulars of the application.

To top it off, about a month ago, Ccleaner included a data collection function to its own servers to share it with third parties. Again, it was a function that could be disabled, but this time only by users with the Pro version of payment. The users of the free version had to go through hoops.

And finally, with the new Ccleaner 5.44 mass advertising came to our computer. At the moment, the ads seek to buy the Pro version, but nothing prevents this annoying advertising is used in the future for other purposes by seeing the evolution of the application from the entry of Avast.

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