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CCleaner is having trouble with nVidia

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Hello ! CCleaner removes files from nVidia and this removes shortcuts from the taskbar as well as (right-click on the desktop) and the nVidia panel as well as GeForce Experience no longer work.

I have yet unchecked the box nVidia but it does not change anything. After a few days, the shortcuts disappear and the panel no longer works from the control panel. I have to reinstall the drivers.
Thanks for your help.

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in conjunction with CC are you using winapp2.ini or any other enhancements?

can you show a screenshot of the nVidia section in CC?

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first up, CC should only be removing left-over installation files, not any of the software itself.
next, I'm not sure why "a few days later, the shortcuts disappear" - that should happen straight after CC finishes.
and then, with the option unticked, nothing related to nVidia should be touched.
there should be no desktop shortcuts that point to the installation(driver) folders.

when you install the nVidia software, do you select the option to do a Perform Clean Install?
back when I used to have a nVidia card, I would only choose that path as I believe that process removes all previous drivers (and data?) for nVidia.

this is the entry in CC for nVidia;


[NVIDIA Install Files]
Detect=HKCU\Software\NVIDIA Corporation

CC only looks in the c:\nvidia folder so if you really wanted to stop CC cleaning nvidia, then next time you install it, use a custom location during the install process, say, C:\MynVidia\.

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