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Get Visual C++

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I'm trying to install Samsung Smart Switch on Windows 10, but I get an error saying that the "side-by-side configuration is incorrect".

Searching suggests that this is because the installer needs Visual C++ 2008 installed on your PC.

Checking my installed apps I have no Visual C++ versions at all.

Fair enough, but to download Visual C++ 2008 from the MS 'Latest supported Visual C++ page you need to login to your Microsoft Account.
(Oddly enough you don't need a MS account to download Visual C++ 2017).

I don't have, don't want, a MS account.

Other than trying to download the Visual C++ installer on a friends PC and then copying it to mine, does anyone have any suggestions?

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It's when I click the link to the 2008 SP1 (installer) on that MS page, it redirects and then asks for a sign in.

Not to worry, since I posted the above I've been having a search and found a MS download page that doesn't need a MS account sign in.

There is also a security update which I believe is needed.
You will need to select which version(s) of the update to download.
(PS. the IA64 version was apparently for the discontinued Intel 64 bit 'Itanium' architecture, for high end servers).

I'll try installing all these later.

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I've had the installer for it for years, but it's the old legacy 32-bit version. Allot of software requires it.

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12 hours ago, hazelnut said:

Let us know how it goes.

I installed the Visual C++ redistributables, 2008- 32-bit, 64-bit, and 32-bit security udate.

Why both 32-bit versions?
It's like .net framework, there are multiple versions that different software might need.
(I'll probably put the other 'supported' versions on later, JIC something else needs one in future, I've plenty of disk space).

Then I ran Windows Update, I usually do after installing stuff like this.
It picked up a WD definition update and a security update for Flash.

Finally I installed Samsung Smart Switch without any problems, which was the point of this excercise.
I'll plug my phone into the laptop and play with that one later.

Oh - and I ran Windows Update again, which found another WD definition update.
(Coincidence or because of the new software?)

PS. Windows Update has changed on my machine since yesterday, there's a new video thing that wasn't there yesterday, and it's started listing WD definition updates again in update history.
I thought the 'new' video might have been because of the newly installed Visual C++ versions, but uninstalling them again made no difference.
Maybe more about that later.


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Here's a screenshot of that new video in Windows Update. (Taken before I ran it today).

It wasn't there yesterday, at least not on my machine, and I'm not showing any updates to Windows apart from those I did manually today (and it was showing before those anyway).

Strange message as well:
"Lucky you! Your device just got the latest Windows 10 update with new features and..."

Err.. I got the latest 'feature update', 1803, on 30th April, over a month ago.



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Just odd that it suddenly turned up on mine today, can't find anything about it online.

Microsoft , who knows what they are going to fiddle with next.

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So that was a waste of time.

Samsung Smart Switch will not connect to my phone, even though they say it is a supported model the programme itself says that the phones Android version is not supported.

My phone must be an early model with an older OS, that hasn't been updated even though automatic updates are on.

I might try Kies next, maybe even update the Android OS with that? Or might just forget it.

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Probably the end of this.

Bit of a palava, but I got there in the end.

Kies 2.6 would not install at first - It was "blocked by another administrator", even though I'm the only account and have admin privileges.
(Probably a certificate error).

OK I've seen this before so know what to do;
Run an elevated command prompt, enable the 'hidden' administrator account, log out, log in to the hidden administrator account (no password that's why its 'hidden'), install the programme, log out, log in as normal user, run an elevated command prompt, disable that administrator account again (don't wan't anything hijacking it), do a restart to clear the accounts up.

At least Kies recognises my phone, and I've now got a backup of my contacts from the sim card which is what I was after.
(Might have been quicker just typing it all out).

PS. You'll see a lot online that says Kies can only backup from phone memory and cannot backup contacts from your sim card - Yes it can, I've just done it as both .PSB and .CSV files.

Run Kies, connect your (Samsung) phone, underneath the phones name (not in the library) click on 'contacts'.
You'll see at least 2 tabs, one for mobile memory, one for sim. Select the sim tab and select all the contacts there.
Click 'Save to PC' and in the save dialogue change the filetype to what you want for the backup. (psb, csv, cvf).
(Once you have that saved you can convert it to an excel or text file, but you may loose the leading zero off phone numbers).

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Probably a waste of time now after you've just completed your marathon 2 day exercise :) but could you not have just saved pics etc from your old phone to an mini sd card and then put them in your new phone? 

Same with phone numbers, export to sim card.. put sim in new phone.. and then import. Or am I missing something?

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That's why I save all contacts to sim in the first place, for portability to a new phone.

And I've also got the previous sim, not up to date with contacts of course but 60/70%.

The point of backing them up to the laptop (where they'll also get backed up to an external drive) is in case the phone, c/w sim, gets lost or stolen.
I will still have my latest contact list to put on a new sim.

With the Kies installed I can now quickly make a new contacts backup from the sim whenever I want.
(I can now also easily put the updated contacts onto that old sim, can't have too many backups LOL).

PS. If they were in memory rather than on sim I could  probably just copy/bluetooth/sync them across.
Or I could upload them to google, but I (try to) avoid putting personal data in the cloud.

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