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Using CCleaner for wiping/erasing entire HDD or SSD

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Hi Everyone,

in the past, i've used CCleaner for erasing my HDD & even my SSD, and i've been using "Simple Overwrite (1 Pass)" Method....and then sold my Hard Drives.

Now my Question to you all is.

Is CCleaner "Simple Overwrite" (1 Pass) Wiping Method enough and does CCleaner really wipe the entire Hard Drive & making Recovery impossible?!


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Yes, one pass is enough. If you use Drive Wiper erase then the disk will be formatted to its original file system and then wiped.

It's probably quicker to use a Windows full format (not the quick one), this will overwrite everything with zeroes. Yes, recovery will be impossible.

I wouldn't do any of this on an SSD though. Perhaps a quick format and then a Defrag optimise will do the same thing. Leave the device installed until the optimise has had a chance to finish. Oh I dunno, a day or so.

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i already did it on a Samsung Pro 128 GB SSD.

1. Erased with CCleaner 1 time

2. then did a Secure Erase with the Samsung Magician Software

3. Plugged it in on my Windows Computer, did a Format

4. Sold to a Private Person

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