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Lang directory

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I have a sub directory under cc cleaner by the name of Lang, which contains an assortment of .dll files.  Is this a valid directory or should I delete it? I have cc cleaner pro version 5.41.6446, win 10. Thanks

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It contains the languages and translations for the User interface, usually one .dll for each language.

Many installed programmes have such a directory rather than embeding the translations in the main program, but not all are helpful and call it 'Lang' or 'Languages' (Other name variants are 'Resources', 'Variants','Mapping', etc).

It's perfectly valid and you can leave it there.

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the english language.dll is in cc included


-> if you use only english you can delete the folder "lang"


but if you want another language you can delete all files in the folder "lang" just not that one you wanted

english -> 1033

german -> 1031 (mine) --> i have deleted all other "xyz.dll" and leave only 1031.dll in the "lang"-folder

france -> 1036

italian -> 1040

russian -> 1049

spain -> 1034









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