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[BUG] v5.42.6495 is always stuck on the same systray icon/tooltip

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Since I updated to this version, the icon in the system tray and the corresponding tooltip is always stuck on the "cleaning red C" and the tooltip saying "Cleaning ... 30%" and this is regardless of the following facts:

  • right click and run cleaner, no change to the icon, comes back and shows alert that it was done successfully
  • on startup clean shows no alert so no way to confirm it is actually running but the icon never changes to indicate it is working
  • when you close a monitored browser, nothing changes but the alert that follows clearly indicates it was done
  • closing the program from the system tray and then relaunching sets the icon back to the default "waiting" monitoring state, BUT, if you perform any of the automated browser cleans (closing a browser) or manual clean (right click and run cleaner) then the icon resorts back to the initially reported stated and will persist until the next time you launch it
  • during this "frozen" state, no "animations" are performed during clean operations, the only indication they are actually done is the popup alert at the end of it

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 1709 (16299.371)


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