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I tried CCleaner free version 5.41 and it was HORRIBLY SLOW.  It just churned and churned before finally cleaning out the junk files.  I notified CCleaner and waited for an update that would fix the problem but nothing has changed.  So, I went back to version 5.40.6411 and it is FAST as usual.  But, now, every time I launch 5.40 I get a popup asking if I would like to upgrade to 5.41.  How ANNOYING.  Maybe there's something in the settings I can change to stop the popups.

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To turn off the update notification:
1. Open CCleaner, and go into: Options > Settings
2. Untick/disable the box labelled: Inform me of updates to CCleaner
3. Close CCleaner, and then open it again to see if that got rid of the update notification.

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