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Can I publish a youtube video explaining how to use CCleaner?

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I uploaded a video on youtube years ago explaining how to clean the pc using CCleaner.
In january 2018 a person reported the video as copyright infringement.

Do really ccleaner developers reported it?
It looks me strange because the same person reported another of my videos where I showed a Nintendo wii game!
I think piriform has nothing with Nintendo!

I tell so to be sure that this is a troll that reported my account for copyright infringement so i can open a legal dispute and re-obtain my account back!

Thank you guys

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[Opinion] sounds like a troll to me [/opinion]

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With YouTube anyone can flag your videos for whatever reason rather it's a copyright infringement or something bogus and the robots will nuke it without any real person looking into it.

The Nintendo one would likely get you flagged by Nintendo themselves! From my knowledge Nintendo doesn't allow uploading of videos from their games according to what some other YouTuber's have stated over the years.

As for the CCleaner one you're better off to just ask Piriform themselves via their support page. I've seen many video tutorials and reviews about CCleaner before, but they weren't official videos and they didn't in my opinion seem like a form of copyright infringement.

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