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Wrong Hard Drive Speed

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Speccy Free Version 1.31.732  reports all my Hard Drive disks speeds as 10,000 RPM when they are actually 7,200 RPM per manufacture specs.

See attached.   Note both say:  RPM/Buffer Size or Attribute = 10,000 RPM with 16 MB cache.  The WD7502AEX reports Speed = 10000 RPM.   The WD2003FZEX reports Speed = 7200 RPM.

Both should report 7200 RPM in all four instances per WDC specs. and HDD Label.


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the RPM/Buffer field is most probably just a firmware 'note' field that the manufacturer has filled in wrong.
I guess that is also happening to the Speed fields.
Speccy isn't actually testing the RPM's, just passing on what is getting from WMI libraries.

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Last week both HDDs reported a speed of 10000 RPM.   This latest (today) Speccy report reported the correct speed of 7200 for one and 10000 for the other.    That sounds like the WMI libraries have changed!!!


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