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Degrag/Optimise Samsung 950

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Hi all,
Today i bought the Piriform Professional Plus pack and began to optimise my drives using Defraggler.

I have a M.2 Samsung 950 SSD drive. 

Separately, at the time i was optimising my laptop SSD drive which had the 'optimise' option.

When I went to optimise my desktops M.2 I didn't notice the 'optimise' option was gone leaving just defragment and I accidentally defragged my M.2... Hooray...

Does any one know how i can get defraggler to recognise the M.2 SSD as a SSD drive and offer up the optimise option. Also how much damage have I likely caused to the drive?

Many thanks, in advance for your advice. Actually really disappointed, i know you shouldn't defrag a SSD, but as i say i wasn't paying as much attention as I should have done... 



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g'day royalgreen and welcome,

you have caused no damage, at worst, you have taken some read/write cycles off the effected cells overall number of cycles before death. (but yeah, don't do it again) :)
there is a current bug in DF and CC where a SSD is reported as a HDD (I've also seen the reverse) that Piriform have known of for at least 2 years and have done nothing about it.

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Thank you very much mta, i could have spent hours trying to make that SSD appear properly. Your information has helped me get the answer without all that grief.

Not been overly impressed with Defraggler, took an age to defrag a drive and as it didn't recognise the SSD i ended up defragging it (a degree of user error that, but would be good if the drive was detected properly by Defraggler in the first place!). To hear this has been around for two years from a fellow forum member doesn't fill me with optimism.

Thank you again for taking the time to reply.


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