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Linux comes of age (at least for me)

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after bagging Linux distro's and their short-comings over the years, I felt obliged to report some good news.

I had Ubuntu 14 LTS on one of my PC's and, long story short, somehow managed to screw up the upgrade to 16 LTS.
so I scrubbed it and, after some research, got elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki and wow, what a pleasant surprise.

my 3 historic bug-bears with all distros I've tried have been the printer driver, wifi driver, and NAS connection.  well, elementary just did it all automatically without any user intervention.  must say, very impressed.

been using it for about 1 month now and love it.
if I could get a full-blown port of Excel with all it's bells and whistles I could actually see myself ditching Windows, and I never thought I'd be saying that.

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two other thorns in the side of my Linux experiences are also now addressed with elementeryOS....

after a couple of quick sudo commnands, I now have Minimise, Maximise and Close in the top right of each window (where they damn well belong).:)
and Num Lock is auto-enabled at bootup just like BIOS has always told it to do.

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Good that someone is having a nice go with a Linux distro. My issue has always been Printer/Scanner support issues, and not one of them have been able to allow me to have working audio. The printer/scanner thing I can deal with but with having no audio I ditch them.

I do keep a disc with SLAX burned onto it handy, but only for the ability to use an anti-virus software outside of Windows for those just in case moments for paranoia's sake that thankfully hasn't ever been needed yet.

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