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What does Optimize Drive do? Safe for SSDs

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I have a SSD drive in my laptop, and I know NOT to degrag my SSD drive.
However, there is a choice of Defrag or Optomize my drive.
What does Optimize do and is it good to do for my SSD drive??

Thank you for your time and expertise. :)
Jon T


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there is a current bug in both CC and DF where they can sometimes report a SSD as a HDD (as it does on my PC).

if it shows the Media Type as SSD, then the Optimise option should initiate a TRIM command.  (I can't test that theory with my SSD showing as a HDD)
if it shows the drive as a HDD, it will use the traditional defrag method, and as you say, a no-no on SSD's.

but I'm not sure why you are seeing both Defrag and Optimise.
a screenshot might help with that confusion.
what are you DF and OS versions?

but with the current bug, I don't trust/can't tell what DF will do so I just go to File Explorer, right click my SSD, Prioritise, Tools, Optimise.

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