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Anyone else having problems updating?

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I saw your other topic about too.

I did leave a post in our staff only area that the admins do look into for links we leave pointing to important posts on the forum. However I will now also send an admin a PM.

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When the certificate expired we changed the entity that signs the certificate to a slightly different company name. The automatic update performs a check against this name and because it changed, it failed.

To resolve this, and due to the concerns of having users on expired security certificates, we performed an emergency update that automatically updated users to the version with the valid certificate. If you have disabled the emergency update executable, this update would not have been performed and you'd be caught in an update loop as you describe. The solution is to manually update to the latest version by downloading it from our website: https://download.ccleaner.com/slim/ccsetup554_slim.exe

If you download the Free version it will automatically upgrade itself to Pro if it detects a valid license.

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