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Defragger leaving spacing between data

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I have run CCLEANER to clean my drive.  I then used Defragger.  It puts data at the begging of the drive, and at the end of the drive.  This leaves a large gap between data segments.

When I used old Windows Defragger, it consolidated all of the data in only location.  This left all of the free space at the end of the drive.  Why doesn't it do this now?


Piriform Defragger.docx

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- I think you have used/selected the additional options ( "settings", "options") and then the program will move selected files/folders to the end of the drive.

- I personally made the program move non-system files to the end of the drive and system files to the beginning of the drive. I think that this will help my system to be as fast as possible.

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