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Internet Explorer Cookies - CCleaner Stalling on IE Cookie Clean

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I have the free version of CCleaner.

Always worked without issue, cleaning in a timely manner.


For months now CCleaner Stalls or hangs for a very long period when it gets to Internet Explorer Cookies,

which is near the beginning of cleaning process, as you would be aware.  


I never use IE, only use Firefox.


Read a few comments on similar posts, I understand IE is still on the machine.


The question relates to why is CCleaner stalling when looking/cleaning IE cookies.

Windows 7 64bit - IE 8.0.7600.16700


I did use CCleaner as a simple method to clean cookies and empty bin, the exit when done making it a simple task.

Uninstalled CCleaner as it is not helping with the task now.


Let me know if you find solution



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I had a similar problem with Windows 10, CC would take 14/15 seconds to process IE history.


As I don't use IE (or Edge) there would be no history to clean, so I just unticked IE history in CC.


It will be the same with cookies, there won't be any cookies to clean if you are not using the MS browsers so just untick the option.


You could probably untick most of the other IE and Edge cleaning options, but as you note some other Windows processes do use them so unless they are being a problem on your machine then just leave them ticked.


If you realy want to check then after using your computer for a while right click on each item in the IE and Edge lists in turn and select Analyse, you will be able to see which are being used by your setup and which are not.

If they are never being used then there is no need to clean them and they can be unticked.

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