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Problem With CCleaner Cloud & Windows Defender :(

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Hello friends,

first of all, apologize for my English.

I wanted to comment that after discovering today Ccleaner Cloud (I always used the desktop) it seemed a great idea and I registered and downloaded the installer.

The problem is that when I try to install the Windows Defender installer it blocks me saying it is potentially dangerous. I ignore the warning and when it starts to install it comes back in red another warning that occupies almost the entire screen, Windows Defender and tells me that it has stopped the installation by dangerous.

I have analyzed the installer in Virustotal and 57 antivirus all say it is clean. I understand that the risk is that it must detect that it is a program that can be connected remotely and that it considers dangerous. But I wanted to consult you, if it happened to you this I explain ...

Thank you very much in advance.

A greeting!

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Thanks for the link. I know of that problem, in its day I updated the desktop version. In fact I am installing the Cloud because "because of that malware I have had problems and have had to restalt windows" ... with what I am aware of it and I have suffered the problem in my computer.

The subject is that I do not find in that post anything I ask.

My question is is it normal for Windows Defender (and that I have ESET installed) to stop the installation of the CCleaner Cloud installer saying it is dangerous? And he will not let me continue ...

Thanks and regards!

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