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Support to got back file deleted by google drive on virtual box

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when i sent email to support address get from my order i got bellow error. so can't sent support email.

so i raise my question here, hope can get your "Premium support"


The response from the remote server was:

550 5.1.1 <support@piriform.zendesk.com>: Email address could not be found, or was misspelled (G9)


This is my story
1. I have google drive account
2. i configuration to sync it to my real pc at c:/google-real
3. i have virtual box run by window xp. and also configuration to sync with same google account at c:/google-box
at c:/google-box i just sync one folder
4. last sync is one year ago, after that google drive is full, i use virtual box day by day
so have a lot of new file on c:/google-box.
5. yesterday, i delete all thing on c:/google-real so when i run virtual box google do sync, it delete everything on c:/google-box
6. i do restore at google drive but it's very old version
7. google sync old version to c:/google-box
8. i try to use Recuva Professional with deep scan and non-delete file but it don't find any lost file.
can you give me a chance to got back my data.
thanks for your time.

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