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CCleaner v5.31.6105 stops cleaning Edge on closing Edge

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I have CCleaner Pro v5.31.6105 installed on Windows 10 Creator update. The Windows update also include significant changes to Edge. For CCleaner under Options I have Enable Browser Monitoring checked. For both Edge and IE I have Automatically clean on closing with notification selected.  Under Cleaner; everything is checked under Edge and IE; nothing is checked under Windows Explorer, under System; Empty Recycle Bin, Temporary Files, Clipboard, Memory Dumps, Chkdsk File Fragments are checked, under Advanced nothing is checked.


I noticed that prior to the Windows Creator update and under the previous version of CCleaner Pro, that I was not always getting the CCleaner notices when I closed Edge. Prior to this CCleaner was always rock solid. A feature update to Windows 10 was installed 6/11/17. Then updates KB4022725, KB4022405, KB4022730, were installed 6/14/17, and KB4020821 on 6/12/17 . The current version of CCleaner was also installed around this time. 


The current version behavior is the same as the previous. CCleaner is not providing the clean notices upon closure of Edge. My Windows 10 Creator update exhibited the same behavior as some threads in this forum have already described. It was not a clean first time install. The update failed. Windows reverted to previous version, 2 days later I babysat the update and everything from a Windows perspective went fine. I've not noticed any ill behavior of the OS since this install completed successfully. I even used CCleaner to clean the registry (created backup) and still all seems fine with the exception CCleaner's normal behavior under the settings I have selected. 

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