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Script running at shutdown

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This isn't a bug or a suggestion so I wasn't sure where to post. 

I picked the sub-forum with the most replies. 


I have WIN 10 x64 / Pro. 

I set up a script and assigned it to Shutdown through Group Policy that contains nothing more than

"C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" /AUTO


I think it works - shutdown seems to take longer.  But I don't know how to verify it does work.  Nor do I know if I have to worry about Administrative Access.


What I want to do is run CCleaner at shutdown.  I use multiple browsers and just want all the junk to go away.


Any insight would be helpful.



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Yes it does. 

In fact, that is the topic I got the script from. 

My questions are: 1) how do I verify the script ran and 2) do I have have to worry about Administrative Access? 

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If you're running that manually created shortcut from an account with Admin privileges there shouldn't really be issues. However if running from an account without Admin privileges some things may not work.


One way to test if it's working is to just create a test file such as a New Text Document (it can be left empty) in a temporary folder like the 'Windows\Temp' or 'UserProfile\Temp', then run CCleaner using that shortcut, and then see if that New Text Document was deleted.

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