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Degragmentation Produces No Results Re: Defragmation Percentage

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I have run the defragmentation program twice with each time the fragmentation percentage showing as 40% percent.  And, after each time, the percentage remains at 40%.  It appears that after running the defragmentation program, nothing changes as far as the fragmentation rate.

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The usual culprits are files that cannot be defragged because they are in use,  system files, and/other files that you do not have permission to change or possibly read only.



Make sure you are running defraggler as Administrator.

Close all other applications before running.


Run Analyse- then View Files, highlight (or check) them all and then click defrag highlighted (or defrag checked).


It will report if it can't defrag them all and you will be able to see which files are being a problem and are still fragmented.



Just to check- you are not trying to defrag a solid state drive (SSD) are you?

SSDs should not be defragged, they don't need it.

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