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Ever heard of Kodi?

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Yes, I been using Kodi for a long time. Like it better then Netflix/prime/hulu/etc. It has unlimited content on it. The content that is in Kodi has nothing to do with Kodi itself, as the developers do not manage it. Yes, there can be illegal stuff in it, but Kodi itself is really good. It is actually a big part of the FOSS world, too.

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I agree with ROCKNROLL with respect of Kodi, I use it on my Nexu 7 tablet for movies , several PC's for movies and a Android Google TV media player on my network playing music & TV seies/movies on my TV via the network (CAT6) and free movies via the net also on my TV. KODKI (XBMC) has been around a long time and I have forund itr to be very stable on all my devices over the last 4 years. BTW it's also free.


PS: KODI is also very configurable plus runs on most OS's - not sure about OSX but runs well on Linux  :D

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