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Thunderbird - "Download History" needs updating

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Latest versions of Thunderbird don't store the download history in "downloads.sqlite" anymore, but in "downloads.json".

I have tried the latest CCleaner 5.28 and I confirm it doesn't clean the "downloads.json" file.


The file is not listed in Files and folders in the profile - Thunderbird, but that's because the page is outdated and it's a PITA to get an account to edit a page on this wiki, so it lacks contributions...


I didn't find what version of Thunderbird brought this change, but it's defined in DownloadIntegration.jsm.

Also refs ticket 851466 at bugzilla. Firefox has the change for a few years but again, I don't know about Thunderbird. I only can tell my "downloads.json" had entries more than a year old.

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It seems to have been fixed in CCleaner 5.30.


A quick reply would have been appreciated, still, thank you for the fix.

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a quick reply of what... that there was a new version out???


do realise that this is a community forum, we are simply volunteers giving up our time to offer advice.

perhaps no-one with any advice was able to help you in this matter, or the member who could just hasn't seen your post yet.

not all members log on as regularly as most of the Moderators do.


if a post is of a critical nature, or reported enough, than we can pass it up for attention to the Admin team.

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