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Albert Dawood

Does Recuva not recognise an Android device?

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I have accidentally deleted an mp3 file (an important lecture) from my Samsung TS 700 tablet running on Android Marshmallow.

Does Recuva not recognise Android devices? The drive does not appear on the list. Does anyone have a solution as to how I can recover my file?


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Recuva only sees drive letters, so unless Windows can give it a drive letter, then Recuva will not see it.

And I seem to recall Android, recently'ish, changing the goal posts and something about they no longer appear as a mass storage device.

but Androids aren't my strong suit.

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Just to add to my illustrious compadre's comments, you would have a chance at recovery if you had a memory card installed in the tablet.


I'm not sure if doing that actually generates a drive letter and I don't want to try it myself as I hate the way my phone adds lots of unnecessary stuff to an SD card, but at the very least you could remove a memory card and plug in into a computer either directly or via a USB adaptor.


If you're not using a removable memory card then maybe something to think about if you save important stuff to your tablet. They can be configured to save files to a memory card instead of internal memory.


A card would be given a drive letter.


Just a thought.


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