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CCleaner: Command line launch to clean specific app?

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I'm seeking a way to quickly launch CCleaner to just clean one app (e.g. Chrome), rather than all checked applications (similar to what you can do with CCleaner UI open and right-clicking on an app).  Use case would be after some Chrome browsing, just quickly wipe new cookies, history, etc.


Preferably this would be from command line, something like /AUTO but limited to a single app for speed.


Is there any way to do this, if not directly through some clever trick with pointing to alternate INI files or a second install, etc?



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Hi AhiBon, and welcome to the forum.


I've no idea about command line, but this is something I tried for another user many years ago, and this is with XP which I don't think will make a difference except for maybe the name "Program Files" folder.


I made a second install of CCleaner into a folder named "CCleaner_mod" (no quotes).


Actually, I just copied the relevant files from the default CCleaner Program Files folder into the new folder, and then created a shortcut to CCleaner within that folder. I then renamed the shortcut to CCleaner2 and dragged it to my "Quick Launch" menu.


Renaming the shorcut within the folder doesn't change it's target or target path. It works as it did before renaming.




Open CCleaner with the new shortcut, unselect all items not required and that's it. Just tried with only two items selected ...




... and it works as expected. My Firefox is open which is why the items were skipped.


The renaming of the shortcut is just to distinguish between the two installs. Of course "Save settings to ini file" is used as you alluded to yourself.


After all this, someone may come along with a command line option, but this works fine if they don't.


Any problems, post back.


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Another option so you don't have two installations of CCleaner:

1. Download CCleaner Portable.

2. Unzip it into its own unique directory, example: C:\CCleanerPortable

3. Open CCleaner Portable via: Start -> Run -> C:\CCleanerPortable\CCleaner.exe

4. Configure it to only clean Google Chrome, then close it.

5. Create a shortcut on the Desktop with this in it: "C:\CCleanerPortable\CCleaner.exe" /AUTO

Name the shortcut accordingly, example: Clean Chrome with CCleaner

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Well, I realized I was unnecessarily trying to do this the hard way...  I'd never looked into the CCleaner 'monitoring' features since I generally try to avoid programs that 'monitor' in the background.  But now that I understand the option to turn on 'browser monitoring' wherein it will automatically clean a selected browser on each exit: that does it nicely for me and worth the monitoring.

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