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Add option to clear jumplist in Windows Explorer (Start menu)

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When clicking on the Start menu button, there is a jumplist displayed of the most recently used programs.  In the Windows 7 Start menu, it is in the left column (under the Pinned section if any programs have been pinned to the Start menu); see attached image.  This lists recently loaded programs (versus the right-column Recent Items entry that shows recently opened documents).


This jumplist can cluttered with programs the user does not want to currently see; i.e., they would like to start from scratch and rebuild the recent list.  It is also a privacy issue where the user does not want to share with another user what they have been running (and is listed as a Privacy setting in the Start Menu as noted below).  Currently the easy way (compared to editing the registry or deleting files) is to:


- Right-click on Start menu button in the Windows taskbar.

- Select Properties.

- Select the Start Menu tab (if not already selected by default).

- Disable the Privacy option "Store and display recently opened programs".

- Click Apply.  This clears the jumplist.

- Optionally re-enable the Privacy option and click Apply.

- Exit out of the properties dialog.


Since CCleaner was designed to facilitate the eradication of history or other traces or do file cleanup, adding this as an option under the Windows group under the Advanced section would let the user more easily clear this jumplist.



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