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Recuva jpg files

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Hi there,
I am needing to recover some old jpg files from an external hard drive.  I deleted the folder they were in and am trying to get them back. Recuva seems to have found the files but this is what it shows in the Recuva screen:

Size                State           Comment

544 bytes       Excellent     No Overwritten Clusters Detected


I cannot get a preview/thumbnail and when I recover the files, they are not able to be viewed.  I have attached a screen cap for you to see.

Any help is appreciated, thank you


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They are the index files from the recycler. When files are sent to the recycler two files are created, the data component (with a name beginning with $R) and an index component (beginning with $I). Both have the .jpg extension. The index is 544 bytes long, and is useless as far as recovery is concerned. You need to look for files with $R names, or with a length consistent with the original jpg files.

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