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Differences between Defraggler and Defraggler Pro

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Hi harkawy and welcome,


quick answer: None.

functionally they are the same.

as is Speccy and Recuva, whereas CCleaner also gives you Monitoring and multi-user cleaner (above the two you already mentioned).

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Thank you, mta.


That is what I thought but, one never really knows.

Interesting....  Your signature says..."Backup now & backup often."

I guess great minds think alike.


I have my computer set up to backup my entire internal hard drive (System, Drive C, Drive D) to an external HD every night!

It has saved my backside more than once. This week, my hard drive died.  Put in a replacement and within a few hours, my boat was floating.  I do like Symantec's Ghost 15 for Windows 7 and Symantec's System Recovery R3 for Windows 10.

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