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Has anyone used OE Classic?

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- Fiddling with the translated version(s) of OEC Beta exposed a number of bugs in the OEC program code. (I LOVE this kind of work). No information available on when OEC v2.80 will be (officially) released. I assume it depends on how fast the work on the translations progresses.

- Still no news on when OEC will support IMAP.

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- OEC supports/uses TLS v1.0, v1.1, and v1.2 for a secure connection with email servers. And that's a problem for users of Windows XP and Server 2003 and older. These Operating Systems only support TLS v1.0. It makes the connection with the email servers (a little) less secure/safe for XP and Server 2003 users.



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- The developers have made many code changes inside OEC in preparation for IMAP. But these don't show up yet because they are not done yet with all the changes needed for IMAP and the testing of IMAP.

- When TLS 1.3 is officially released then OEC also will support that version of TLS. Then it seems that MS will stop to support TLS 1.0 (and TLS 1.1. ???) anymore.

- Currently OEC supports 16 languages (incl. english). Volunteers (with the "paid for" version of OEC) who want to add an additional language are still welcome.

Source: the Facebook page of OEC. (available on the homepage of OEC)

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Thanks much, Hazelnut & Willy2.  Looks very nice.  I shall give it a try. 
Haven't thought about a new email provider for years, but I am changing email one way or the other soon.
A question or two if I may. 
Is it easy to save attachments  locally using IMAP?
Are there big working differences between the free and paid? I saw that about the 2 account limit of the free? 

Sorry to ask lazy questions. I am going to change email providers, so this by Hazelnut and Willy2 is very timely.

edit:  on wxp and w7. 

Thanks.  :)

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- Alas. Support for IMAP is still something for the (near ??) future. The developers wrote that IMAP already works on their servers. But that's all they are willing to say. Perhaps they still need to get rid of (A LOT OF) IMAP related bugs in the OEC program code. I don't know what's going on.

- The PRO version allows the user to separate emails in separate "Identities". I.e. you can separate e.g. your private emails from e.g. your work related emails.



- OEC seems to work on Windows 2000 and newer.

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