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Language elements in Defraggler ...

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I would like to suggest that Defraggler should only install the language element that corresponds to the language selected during the install.


At present we see a folder in C:\Program Files\Defraggler; which contains 40+ .dll modules.


Each module is between 22 and 70 KB; totalling disk-usage of 2.3+ MB ...


Can we make that leaner and meaner?





PS Why are the lang-####.dll modules different for Ccleaner and Defraggler? IS there overlap?

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- No there's no overlap. Each file contains the language strings for one specific language for Speccy, Defraggler, Ccleaner.

- If you want to use a different language thatn english, try this:  Move all files to another folder. And copy those files one by one back to the Original folder and restart the program to see which languages are extra available.

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