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reboot and select proper boot device

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No, as it sounds like your issue is with your hard drive - or as the BIOS thinks, lack of a hard drive.

But you can also get that message if you have a bootable CD in the unit or a USB device plugged in with an active partition.

So if any of that applies, remove all bootable devices and restart.

If the error repeats, your internal hard drive has failed.

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So where are we up to?

You checked for other boot possibilities, removed them, rebooted, and the PC is still giving you that message?


If so, as stated earlier, the PC hardware (the BIOS) is unable to determine your boot device (your hard drive) and is requesting a location of something to boot from.

so that in itself is the check sadly that the drive is at least not bootable.

is may be however still readable for recovery purposes.


if you are still getting that message, as the PC now stands, it won't start and that drive is the issue.

it would need removing, installing as a 'second' in another PC or installing into an external drive enclosure - purely for data recovery (if possible)


in my experience, 8/10 drives that don't allow the PC to boot are still readable when placed in an external box.

after that's done, running a chkdsk /r on that drive will highlight, and hopefully fix, any bad areas.  but if the drive is failing, that may also make matters worse.

your first priority, if data retrieval is needed because you have no backups and have to get your data back, then is to start copy & pasting from the failing drive.


I certainly wouldn't be using that drive again once the data has been retrieved.

I'd be getting a new drive for that PC, reloading Windows and all the standard operating environment again, from scratch.


you have many hours of 'fun' ahead. :)

good luck.

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glad you sorted it out.

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