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8 months on Cloud - unhappy.

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I've had less than stellar results with this cloud product.


Numerous times over the last 8 months machines would become disconnected from it. Requiring me to reinstall the client. This happened again today - none of the 10 machines would properly list themselves as 'connected'. I've attempted a wide variety of fixes to no avail. Then, not wanting to be billed for renewal I cancelled and guess what? When you cancel it instantly closes your account, losing all remaining time! No warning at all. Who thought this nonsense up?


I've had enough of this.. A product that is supposed to help me manage my 10 systems has turned into a product that requires additional management itself to even function right. As others point out, it doesn't even appear like it's being developed any longer and/or suggestions are being taken about it. I'm going to give them a chance to give me a partial refund as I have(had) 5 months left. I've been 90% dissatisfied with this offering!


Let's hope they come through so I don't have to lodge a dispute with my CC. I'd at least like some of the money I wasted back.

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