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Startup Manager - Rename Entries in List

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in CCleaner Cloud you have in the "Startup" section (in the "Software" tab) a combo box where I can select the startup entries for a specific user.


In the list of strtup entries there are some entries for the user "All users".

In the combo box there is also an entry "All Users".

I expected that this entry selects only entries for the user "All users", but this entry shows all entries.

A bit confusing.


And I have no way to select startup entries for the user "All Entries".

So I suggest that you

  • rename the entry "All Users" in the combo box to "All Startup Entries"
  • add an new entry "All Users" that shows only the entries for the user "All users"

This avoids confusion and gives the user a new filter method.

So it increases the usability of CCleaner Cloud.






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