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in CCleaner Cloud you have at the section "Software" an option to "Add Software".

This is a cool feature because I can install an application with one mouse click to multiple computers.


I have some more applications that you may add to this list:

  • KeePass (very famous and free password manager)
  • FreeFileSync (powerful file synchronization tool)
  • FileZilla (excellent FTP client)
  • MP3tag (free MP3 tag editor that has some powerful features)
  • LibreOffice (free office suite)

I decided to add just those 5 applications, because I know them all very well and I really can recommend them.





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I recognized that the applications you offer in "Add Software" (section "Software") are not up to date.

Here are some examples (I did not check all products):


I did not check all other products.

But each product I checked is not offered in the current version!

You should offer the latest version of those applications!





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