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No folders shown when I click the 'Recover...' button

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This occurs whether I run it after installing on the C: drive or running from a flash drive.


A user deleted the c:\Users folder.


Scanning shows almost 20,000 files, but if I select (check) any of the items and click 'Recover...', there are no folders shown in the 'Select location for recovery' dialog box.


Clicking 'Make new folder' gives an error 'You can't create a new folder here. Choose a different location.'


I have also connected flash drives or external USB drives and they don't show either.


Why can't I see any folders to place the recovered files?

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I have the exact same issue going on. 


After the scan wizard and picking the specific drive in question. http://puu.sh/oOdHv/d6ef2bd652.png


After I click Recover - > http://puu.sh/oOdLd/d7c13141b8.png


When I click make a new folder I get this --> http://puu.sh/oOdNQ/bf65e6b748.png


Apparently t his is more common than one would think. Piriform's help is to "Follow the instructions", which are to run the wizard.


Background on this drive. I had a disk drive with mainly music on it. I had to to a restore on Win 7. I didn't heed WIN advice and left the drive hooked up during the reformat. Despite telling windows to only reformat the primary drive, it flagged this on as well and turned it into a recovery partition (that's what Disk Management calls it). I have done nothing with the drive except for try to recover the files. 


SOOOOOO, How do I get those files recovered from that drive with this program?

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So I got it to work. Apparently the desktop structure is what was missing in my case. I had been using another program to try to attempt this and they way it functions was keeping me from ever getting the job done due to running out of disk space. As well, not being able to pick the destination folder made me move stuff off of the primary drive, which couldn't hold everything even if it didn't have the OS on it. Yes I'm a fool for not realizing it at first. I had moved all the user folders to another drive. I didn't realize what was done until Win7 threw a fit about the desktop missing. Once I put the desktop folder back in the user folder, Win7 stopped throwing a fit and the program is now going through the files trying to recover them in a destination of my choice.

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